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Année 1849 |

29 mars 1849

Lord Normanby à Alfred de Falloux

Buckingham Palace, March 29th 1849


My dear Normanby1,

When I was in Paris, Monsieur de Falloux stated to me that he understood that there were certain National Works of which some parts had been regularly forwarded to the Queen under the Govt of Louis Philippe, and that the present Govt were very anxious to show the same mark of respect by continuing the series.

I have related what took place to the Queen, and have been commanded by her majesty to request that you will assure the minister of Public Instruction that she is very sensible of this mark of attention upon the part of the French Govt and that her majesty thought that she should mark her entire participation in the good feeling thus displayed by the French Govt by at once accepting the offer thus handsomely made. Expose enquiry from the Librarian. I cannot discover that there is any work in an interrumpted series, such as was supposed by Monsieur de Falloux.

Thera are two works which have been published by the French Govt of which the Queen has imperfect copies, and I think that it would be a pity that there should not be testimony to the good feeling between the english Court and the French Govt testified by th acceptance of this offer ; it might therefore perhaps be stated that there were two works in an imperfect state. The one is a work entitled « Les Antiquités d’Egypte » and the other « Recueil des histoires de Gaule ».

Philips, C. B.

1Constantine Henry Phipps (1797-1863), lord Normanby, homme politique et romancier anglais.


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